When you are injured on the job, immediately fill out an accident report. By doing so, you are not only notifying your supervisor of your injuries, but also documenting your injuries and how they occurred. Even if you believe your injuries are minor and may not need medical attention, still fill out an accident report. In many cases such as these, certain injuries may not show symptoms for several days. If this happens and you find out you are more severely injured than previously thought, having an accident report on file will be vital in helping your work injury lawyer file a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf. However, since the sooner you fill out an accident report the better, here are some details regarding how long you have to complete these reports.

24 Hour Limit
With most employers, an injured employee has only 24 hours to fill out and submit an accident report to their supervisor. In some cases, if an injured employee fails to fill out an accident report within 24 hours from the time of the accident, they can be subject to a formal reprimand. In addition to this, the longer you delay filling out the accident report, the harder it will likely be to have a workers’ compensation claim approved. Once the employer’s insurance company notices the gap in time between your being injured and filling out an accident report, they will use this in an attempt to prove your injuries were very minor, or perhaps never even happened.

Internal Deadlines
Since these laws vary from state to state, it’s important to note that companies have much leeway when it comes to accident reports. As a result, internal deadlines for these reports can vary. For example, while one company may impose a 24-hour limit on its employees, another may choose to give employees one week to do so. Due to the many differences that can be found, always make sure you know your company’s policy regarding filling out and submitting accident reports.

Complex Claims
When a work injury occurs, the ensuing workers’ compensation claim can become very complex. Because of this, always hire a work injury lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation claims. By taking this important step, you will ensure your employment rights are protected during the process. If you have been injured on the job, schedule a consultation with a work injury lawyer immediately.